Support for OpenNMS

There are two main options for support: Prime and ULTRA. Prime Support covers questions concerning all aspects of the OpenNMS application. ULTRA support is designed for service providers and other companies who present the data that OpenNMS creates to end users. ULTRA provides for a quicker response time as issues may be immediately apparent to end users, as well as support concerning integration of OpenNMS to other systems. In addition, each ULTRA customer has a dedicated OpenNMS consultant who is extremely familiar with their implementation.

Prime Support


Our Prime support package covers unlimited support issues for Meridian for one year, renewable.

Response Times

  • Non-Urgent Issue – 24 hrs
  • Urgent Issue – 4 hrs
  • Application Outage – 4 hrs

ULTRA Support


Our ULTRA package combines higher response levels, development support, and the peace of mind of having a dedicated OpenNMS consultant. Can include support for Horizon with longer response times.

Response Times

  • Non-Urgent Issue – 4 hrs
  • Urgent Issue – 1 hrs
  • Application Outage – 1 hrs

24/7 Support Add-on – $15,000 (Prime or ULTRA)

How Does It Work?

With OpenNMS, the community provides a number of support options at no cost. However, there are times when that is not enough. If your company relies on OpenNMS, the purchase of commercial support gets you directly in contact with the people most likely to be able to solve your problems. Plus, revenues from support go directly into making the product better.

Since all of OpenNMS is free and open, we at the OpenNMS Group have to earn your business. If you decide that our support isn’t worth the money, you can still use the latest version of the product at no cost. But we think that once you experience working with our knowledgeable staff, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Support tickets are one of three types:

  • Configuration Questions: OpenNMS is amazingly powerful and configurable. Over 90% of tickets are opened with respect to getting OpenNMS to do a certain task. Often there may be more than one way to address an issue, and our experienced consultants can offer suggestions on the best way to solve the problem.
  • Bugs: Even the best software has bugs. Due to the architecture of OpenNMS they can usually be addressed quickly, and due to its open source nature a fix can be deployed in hours or days versus weeks and months.
  • Feature Requests: Rarely the answer to a support ticket is simply “OpenNMS doesn’t do that.” It is unusual, but you always have the option of purchasing a custom development project to add the missing feature. In addition, when it comes to determining new features to be added to the product, those requested by commercial customers are given a much higher priority.