A group of four students from Southampton Solent University, mentored by Dr. Craig Gallen, used OpenNMS to win the top prize at the TeleManagement Forum {open}:hack competition at the TM Forum Live conference in Nice, France.

Joe Appleton, Jergus Lejko, Michael Sievenpiper and Marcin Wisniewski built the “Port-o-matic” application using OpenNMS to provide a web application for accessing shipping port services, including managing fees and measuring pollution.

Joann O’Brien, the TM Forum’s VP of API’s and Ecosystems, said

They demonstrated fantastic use of all the available technology. They chose a problem relevant to the City of Nice and their home city, that could have a significant impact on society and business by ensuring a better quality environment at ports.

Tarus Balog, CEO of The OpenNMS Group, added:

The hardest thing to get across to people new to OpenNMS is that it is a platform and not strictly an application. The learning curve can be steep and it is hard to see its value straight out of the box. I love the fact that solutions like the “Port-o-matic” demonstrate the power of OpenNMS.

The {open}:hack competition took place over two full days, and in addition to having fun at the conference, the students will be able to enjoy the 5000€ prize money.