Meridian – the “Perpetual Greenlight”



The open source mantra is “Release Early, Release Often” and it has been used to produce some amazing software. Not all organizations, however, are comfortable with rapid or continuous release cycles, and they would rather sacrifice the latest features for stability and support.

For the decade that the OpenNMS group has been around, it has been hard to balance being able to pursue the latest and greatest technology when we’ve also been faced with the need to provide support and stability for the platform. So we’ve embarked on a great experiment to try to do both.

The application previously known as OpenNMS is now called OpenNMS Horizon, and we are introducing a new product called OpenNMS Meridian to meet the needs of those who require stability and support. Here are the key differences:


Developed for Enterprises and Businesses looking for stable platforms with long term support
The OpenNMS proving grounds where innovation happens quickly to address the requirements for monitoring new technologies and IT ecosystems such as Docker, SDN/NFV, and virtual systems.

Key Words:
Stable, reliable and supported
Powerful, cutting edge with a rapid release cycle.

Development Model:
Open Source
Open Source

AGPLv3 or optional Proprietary License

Release Interval :
12 months, given release supported for three years.
3-4 months

Several options available, including access to the OpenNMS Connect forums
Community supported mailing lists and wiki, as well as with the OpenNMS ULTRA support product

Feature Selection:
Features chosen for level of stability, usefulness and quality of integration with existing code
Exploration of new technologies to test value to drive rapid advances in management technology

Preconfigured events, notices, data collection, workflows and reports
User and community configured and maintained

Access to update server for latest bug fixes and performance enhancements
Community driven

Yearly subscription per management server. Ending subscription only removes access to updates
Free download

While the Meridian software will not change very frequently, we plan to use it as a platform to offer a lot of customizations to both showcase the OpenNMS platform and to provide useful functionality for Meridian users.

Similar to one of our OpenNMS “Greenlight” services engagements, we do plan to add customized event definitions, data collection configurations, monitor definitions, correlation rules and reports to Meridian periodically. While these could be configured in Horizon or by hiring us for a consulting project, many organizations will find that the cost of a Meridian subscription is more than offset by these customizations.

Meridian is offered under the same license as Horizon, the Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). When you download Meridian binaries you will get the code as well. There are some organizations that have a policy of not using software published under the AGPL. They will have the option of using Meridian under a proprietary license. In either case, the Meridian software is yours to use no matter if your subscription expires. You will lose access to the Meridian repositories and all future updates, however, and our goal is to make them so useful you would never consider doing without.

Meridian is initially offered via RPMs (i.e. for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS) with Debian and Ubuntu support coming soon.