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The OpenNMS Users Conference 2015 is a four day event where you can meet, share ideas with and learn about the OpenNMS users community. The conference runs from 30 September to 1 October, and will feature presentations from OpenNMS users from around the world on how they use the software. Talks are made by users of OpenNMS describing detailed use-cases, tips, tricks and how to get the most from OpenNMS.

A “State of OpenNMS” keynote will cover many new features that have been recently added to OpenNMS.

On 28 September, the OpenNMS Group is providing a one day “Bootcamp” where new users to OpenNMS can get introduced to the software at an accelerated pace. It will cover all of the concepts you need to get started with OpenNMS.

On 29 September, The OpenNMS Group will provide a full day of advanced training, including the Grafana integration, Newts, and the Minion distributed poller architecture.

This is the third year the conference has been organized by the non-profit OpenNMS Foundation. In celebration of this third year, three-fourths of the Bad Voltage team will join the conference to do their second ever Bad Voltage Live show, working title: “Bad Voltage: European Vacation“. Jeremy, Stuart and Jono will be there to deliver their own special brand of open source and technology commentary and humour.

The Bad Voltage show is open to anyone, not just conference attendees, but since space is limited we ask for a 5€ registration fee. And did we mention there will be beer? The Bad Voltage team will be in Fulda for the entire conference, so there should be ample opportunity for conference attendees to meet the guys outside of the show.

This conference is the primary source of funding for the OpenNMS foundation, please sign up at http://de.amiando.com/OUCE201.html?page=1261205 and for additional information visit http://www.opennms.eu/ouce-2015/