OpenNMS Professional Services



Turn-key Network Management. Combines installation, configuration, training and support services. Includes pre-visit check, one week of on-site services and one year Standard Support Subscription.

Duration: 5 days
Support: Yes, Standard

Greenlight Plus


Includes everything from a standard “Green Light” project as well as a one year Standard Support Subscription and two weeks of on-site services.

Duration: 10 days
Support: Yes, Standard

Greenlight 24/7


Includes everything from a standard “Green Light” project as well as a 24×7 Support Subscription and two weeks of on-site services.

Duration: 7 days, 24 hrs/day
Support: Yes, 24/7

Getting to know you


Similar to the “Green Light” Project, this is a smaller, two-day engagement that does not include a support contract. Useful for evaluating or getting started with OpenNMS.

Duration: 2 days
Support: No

Tune my ONMS


A three-day engagement to upgrade OpenNMS to the latest stable version, examine how OpenNMS is being used and offer suggestions for improvement, as well as training on the latest features of the application.

Duration: 3 days
Support: No

Custom Consulting


Custom, project-based consulting to help deploy and integrate OpenNMS into your particular environment.

Duration: Custom
Support: Custom

How to Choose?

Green is good. Green means go. In network management green indicates that everything is normal. The most popular services project from the OpenNMS Group is the Greenlight. This is a week or two of services performed on-site to get OpenNMS installed, configured and to train you on how to use it. It includes a year of support so that you have someone to rely on after the project in case you have questions or issues.

If you are not quite sure you want to pursue OpenNMS but think it is worth exploring, there is also a Getting to Know You project. This is a short on-site visit to install the software and discuss your management needs, with no obligation afterward. You can see for yourself if OpenNMS is the right fit for your organization.

An upgrade professional services engagement is also available. Called Tune My OpenNMS, this is a three-day on-site engagement to get your system to the latest stable version, to vet how you are using the tool, and to train you on the latest features.

Consulting — The Need for Professional Services

Commercial software network management products often come with the need for extensive professional services for deployment. Sometimes the deployment can cost five to ten times the cost of the software itself and can take a year or more to complete.

OpenNMS is different. It is free software so there are no licenses to buy, and because it was designed to be a flexible tool, deployments can take much less time than with closed-source alternatives. In fact, OpenNMS can be installed and running in less than an hour, with training and customization taking less than a week or two. OpenNMS is a powerful platform that makes networks work.

At the OpenNMS Group, our consultants are not only experts with OpenNMS, but they are also experienced and often certified on the commercial options. This experience will allow you to avoid possible pitfalls in implementing a management solution and can be useful when migrating from an existing management system.