OpenNMS is an open source network management application platform that is published under the GNU  Affero General Public License (AGPLv3).

This license gives end users a number of rights, but it does require that any changes made to the code (i.e. the creation of a derivative work) must also be licensed under the GPL.

While the OpenNMS Group encourages the adoption of open source software, some organizations, due to trade secrets, patents or other proprietary reasons, may not be able to use 100% open source software in their environment.

The “Powered by OpenNMS” program allows them to purchase the right to use OpenNMS under a more traditional license.

Using OpenNMS as a network management application platform can save months if not years of time versus building a system from scratch. We can even help by adding needed features to OpenNMS to help make things easier, but note that all our work will be released to the community part of OpenNMS.

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