We founded the OpenNMS Group in 2004 because we were looking for a better way to take care of carrier and enterprise clients. We’d seen how the established solutions from HP, IBM and others were expensive, inflexible and hard to deploy. We’d seen how clients had to change their business process to fit the tool instead of the other way around. There had to be a better way, and we were just the team to find it.

The product we created became the OpenNMS network management application platform, a true open source platform that’s managing telecom and enterprise networks around the world: from the Paris subway to a Honduran mobile telephone network.

OpenNMS is the world’s first fully open source enterprise-grade network service management platform, and hundreds of enterprises are using it every day without a lick of help from us. It’s that easy to work with. And as true open source, it’s 100% free.

As proud creators and maintainers of the OpenNMS Platform, we welcome you to the table. Please use every free resource that we have, and if you never need to spend a dollar on OpenNMS, that’s fine with us. But if you have more complex needs or tight schedules, the OpenNMS Group is happy to assist with our paid services. We provide training, support, custom development and consulting from our headquarters near Research Triangle, North Carolina, or at your site – whether you are in San Francisco, Auckland or Dubai. We know you’re smart people. We just help you get smarter, faster; and done, sooner. Take a look at our Case Studies and Testimonials and you’ll know whether you need to hire us, and why you’ll smile if you do.


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