Enterprise Grade Network Management

Horizon™ by OpenNMS® is the world’s first enterprise grade network management platform published under the open source model – now made easier with Meridian™ by OpenNMS®.

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The OpenNMS Management Application Platform

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Incredibly Scalable

Designed from Day One to monitor tens of thousands of devices from a single instance.

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100% Open Source

A truly open source solution published under the AGPLv3, with no “fauxpensource” versions.

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Proven in the field

The OpenNMS Project was started in 1999 and thus has a fifteen year track record of performance.

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Actively Supported

With both a large user community and with commercial support available from the OpenNMS Group.

We Get the Network to Work®

You’ve spent a lot of money on your IT infrastructure to improve productivity – how do you know that you are getting your money’s worth? OpenNMS provides a way to manage and monitor all of your networked resources, from applications and servers to routers and switches, from a single location.

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